DR. GIRLFRIENDNo! Dr. Venture is my sworn enemy! Sounds like a dude! BROCKNot long enough. THE ALCHEMISTNo, no, answer it! Page Transparency See More. Phantom Limb gives The Sovereign his word that he will not move against the Monarch (in the conversation, the Sovereign lets it slip that he has a "wedding to get to" but changes the subject). Girlfriend accepts. Upon returning to the Cocoon, The Monarch is horrified at the discovery of the Venture family, knowing that Dr. He lowers his voice and tells Dr. I have been playing a lot more FATE and FAE lately mostly thanks to the fun people at Gateway a few weeks ago and a fellow named Sayler VanMerlin who is running his Sandals & Supers game using FAE here in Long Beach. He also finds it hilarious that Sam is a dog that plays poker, referring to the famous painting of Dogs Playing Poker. He has the ability to tell if anybody is in his classic muscle car.

Hunter is also aware of Brock's care for the Venture Family, placing him as their bodyguard in Season 6 after they moved to New York with money. character_name = Brock Samson debut_ep = The Terrible Secret of Turtle Bay voiced_by = Patrick Warburton real_name = Brock Samson char_alias = "Walking Swedish Murder Machine" "Super Kill-Guy" "Franken-Mullet" "Murderist Extraordinaire" "Frankenstein" "Goldie Locks" "Brock fuckin' Samson" "Super Cuts" "Blond haired buttercream frosted murder cake" profession = Former bodyguard and secret agent characteristics = near-superhuman ability to take and dispense punishment; can kill nearly anyone and/or anything with his bare hands; extremely street smart and usually level headed alliances = Team Venture, Office of Secret Intelligence prev_alliances = United States Marine Corps relatives = a mother a brother Dermott Fictel (son, allegedly). And what better gift could they offer the Monarch than his arch-nemesis? Along the way 24 found a tatoo place and decided it would be a great idea to get a butterfly tramp stamp. [PHANTOM LIMB kills TINY ATTORNEY] Brock also sports a half-finished tattoo of the Swan Song Records logo on his right biceps which he describes as "Icarus from the Led Zeppelin albums.". Brock exhibits near super-human strength, a facial twitch, and the ability to endure almost any kind of physical punishment, including unprotected exposure to the vacuum of outer space. At the wedding 21 plays guitar. 21 falls over. HENCHMAN 21Quisp? PHANTOM LIMBMonarch, this is the Phantom Limb. Meanwhile, The Sovereign notifies Phantom Limb that his request, upon review, has been denied and directs him not to commit any acts of vengeance against The Monarch.
Brock's O.S.I. Jefferson, meanwhile, is setting up 'the apparatus'. Dude, what, does your dad use his time machine to go shopping? Love You, Brock and Molotov meet again at O.S.I. Brock lived with Steve Summers and Sasquatch, during which his body fell horribly out of shape, resulting in a potbelly and devolved muscles. Even when shot in the shoulder, he only lost consciousness for a few hours. The Monarch to be your lawfully wedded husband?

or Amber, the two might have ended on amiable terms. BROCKWhat the hell are you doing here? ** He refers to the Ventures as his family in Victor. This little skirmish appears to have been forgotten as the two later worked together in Maybe No Go to get back at the villain Wide Wale and later go for a beer. DEANUh, Dean? The Monarch explains that it's not how it looks... you see, Dr. Venture is the Monarch's best man. Characters are categorized by their first appearances. Hot damnit those things are beautiful!! Since Brock serves as the "brawn" to Dr. Venture's purported "brain," it is unsurprising that his exploits are among the show's most spectacular and action-intensive sequences. For I am, the Alchemist! PHANTOM LIMBWhat do you take me for, a common thug? Oh, but that's not the only thing that's big of him. His appearance may be based on the exaggerated style popular of the He-Man comics, as Col. The wall next to him opens up to reveal an army of Guild operatives. He's not the sharpest tack and he probably thinks they're in a submarine or something. Girlfriend and the Monarch's wedding. The Alchemist suggests they start drinking, but Orpheus and Twilight are put off by this, as it's still before noon, and Twilight is a teetotaler. Girlfriend is clearly not amused. It's crazy, we've been meeting in this crappy hotel like three times a week and it's going nowhere!

Girlfriend. Brock's career as an O.S.I. It is implied that another reason for the tension between the two agents is Brock possibly having an affair with Headshot's girlfriend Amber Gold.
24, who clearly doesn't want him around, tells Dean to go exploding on his own. Some references are rather subtle (when driving the Charger, Brock almost always is listening to facsimile Led Zeppelin songs) while others are more overt, such as Hank rifling through Brock's collection of "Zep" cassette tapes or Brock drawing the logo of the band's label instead of completing the essay portion of a written exam, in addition to having a (currently incomplete) tattoo of it on his arm. He lost his virginity at the age of fourteen and pursues a highly promiscuous lifestyle as an adult.

Back at Dr. O's, the Alchemist is drunk and Jefferson is out cold. Brock mentions that he had served with Race Bannon on several occasions. between the third and fourth seasons to aid in their mission against villains whom the O.S.I. On many occasions he has also been shown to be scarily capable with his knife, to the point that he is better with it than the average person is with a gun. THE MONARCHHello girls. However, he also has a hair-trigger temper which can cause him to snap at the slightest provocation, including a friendly touch on the shoulder at an inopportune moment.

And there he is. THE MONARCH'kay, I'll get you a crown or something. wanted to kill him. They have an awkward, terse exchange, Warriana dismissively asking "oh, are you still here? Brock had been attempting to get an Icarus tattoo from the Led Zeppelin albums, which the Monarch also mocks ("Super fucking cool - when I was, like, 14."). Local Business. They do another magic laser beam thingy which hits Torrid in the feet, causing him to fall backwards and drop the eye. He loves fighting and killing seeing his agent duty as his true purpose even, though he sometimes doubts his lethal actions. Dr. Venture, no, Rusty Venture, knocks at the door. HANKAwwwwww, no. dissolves and the members, including Brock (but not the recently joined Henchmen 21), rejoin the agency. Dean, of course, goes inside. While being a mentor-like figure to both of them as well as their primary guardian. Whether or not Brock knows of Bowie's role in the Guild is not clear, but Brock makes it clear that he would be happy to kill Bowie if the opportunity arose. DR. GIRLFRIENDBut we need to make some ground rules. HANKKill the micronaut. Like you care. Girlfriend shudders. His conquests range from sleazy (middle-aged prostitutes and overweight strippers) to bizarre (The Queen of the Ant People) with the exception of Dr. For some time after this, he stayed in a log cabin with Steve Summers and Sasquatch, a couple he met in Home Insecurity. BROCKOkay but you only get one bag of Jordan Almonds. I'm your partner. [sighs] Fine, I'll do it. Hank talks to Brock who is acting as doorman and usher: HANKYou seen my brother? He is seen by his enemies as unstoppable, which is sometimes confirmed as he took a tank shot to the chest and survived, though he had a metal plate installed. As a result, S.P.H.I.N.X. Although he has since healed, the plate has yet to be removed, and has more than once allowed him to be shot by heavy ordinance yet not be harmed. Girlfriend lays out a few stipulations, the last one being that Monarch ends his vendetta against Dr. Venture. Since his return to working as Venture's bodyguard and his relationship with Warriana it is unknown what happened/or if anything happened between him and Amber. Brock seems to be unfazed by most super-villains, despite his comment that the Guild of Calamitous Intent is one of few organizations he respects.The only villain who seems to be able to communicate with Brock on his own level is Phantom Limb. :† Character is deceased :‡ Character is either undead or dismantled …   Wikipedia, List of characters from The Venture Bros. — This is a list of main and recurring fictional characters and organizations from The Venture Bros. , the Adult Swim/Cartoon Network comic science fiction series. Twilight snaps and fights with Alchemist for taunting him. After some reluctance, the Monarch agrees and Dr.

And all inside. Brock Samson comes up behind the Monarch from out of nowhere and holds a knife to his neck, and his only response is an annoyed "Hello Brock." In the season 4 finale Operation P.R.O.M., Hunter Gathers is given control of the O.S.I by General Treister. Each detail of an Icarus tattoo complements the muscular built and male form. In the episode Eeney, Meeney, Miney ...Magic, Brock was about to give Molotov a powerbomb onto the bed, but that part was removed and now just shows him walking to the bed with Molotov punching him whilst sitting on his shoulders facing him. VBCharacter caption = Brock in classic stoic mode. [HANK looks upset but then gets the idea to put on his fake goatee again. The tattoo Brock is getting should look familiar since it's the same picture he drew on his written exam in Mid-life Chrysalis. HANKYeah, evil Hank! DR. GIRLFRIENDAlright, I knew you couldn't handle this. In Viva Los Muertos, he uses a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Wedgelock to disarm Ted of his gun. Dr. O is attempting to shoot him with some kind of laser magic but Torrid keeps poofing away and reappearing close by, thusly avoiding said magic.

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