[1] They are often said to taste like chicken[2] because of their mild flavor, with a texture most similar to chicken wings. [36] In recent decades, adventurous British chefs have introduced frog leg dishes to their menus, notably Heston Blumenthal whose recipes have included frog blancmange.[38]. In Australia and New Zealand, frogs are more exotic, usually eaten at Asian or French restaurants and mainly the hind legs are the priority. Frog meat is considered haraam (non-halal) according to mainstream Islamic dietary laws. With frog consumption closely connected to rice production and this being the native land of the Italian dish risotto, one of the most common dishes is frog risotto, risotto alle rane. The legs are eaten breaded and fried. [citation needed], In Romania, edible frogs are known as pui de baltă (pond chicken). In Chinese cuisine, frog legs are usually stir fried and mixed with light spices, stewed, fried, or made into congee; a popular dish in Cantonese cuisine. Originally a Chinese dish, this dish is popular in Indonesia.[1]. [7] In the past, the frogs could be obtained from the wild, especially during rainy seasons. Within Islamic dietary law, there are some debates and differences about the consumption of frog legs. The salted fried frogs skin has a unique taste incomparable with other types of chips. The dried and crispy fried frog skin is also consumed as krupuk cracker, the taste is similar to fried fish skin. [4] Frogs are raised commercially in certain countries, for example Vietnam. Swikee or Swike is a Chinese Indonesian frog leg dish. Although the consumption of wild native frogs is generally discouraged, the harvest and cooking of invasive bullfrogs, especially in the Western US, has been encouraged as a form of control and to promote local cuisine.[23]. Buttermilk Fried Frog Legs with Mustard Cream over Green Onion Corncakes Acadiana Table. Doggles Get Wet Frog Legs - Red. Consumption of frogs is mainly related to the availability of the animals due to the rural activities and typical agriculture in these places. The mainstream Islamic madhhab (schools) of Safii, Hanafi, and Hanbali strictly forbid the consumption of frog. 4.6 out of 5 stars 100. Distance . [5], Each year about US$40 million worth of frog legs are traded internationally, with most countries in the world participating in this trade. [13], Frog legs or cuisses de grenouille are a traditional dish particularly found in the region of the Dombes (département of Ain). [6] The world's top importers of frogs legs are France, Belgium and the United States, while the biggest international exporters are Indonesia and China. There are two main issues dealing with frog legs consumption in Indonesia; the religion, and environmental issues. Lately, there are more and more farms that raise frogs due to increasing demand, especially from France. [9] Frogs are sensitive to environmental changes, disease, habitat degradation, and pollution. Some towns even organize collective hunting sessions and games. Next. Frat guys are by no means known for their sophisticated tastes in food and you may get a very physically negative response if you bought and served them. Open at... Open on Tuesday at 19:00 and 1+ hour. [5] However, some may perceive a slight fishiness. [citation needed]. Add to Wishlist. Swikee can be served in soup or stir fried according to the applied sauce. The exception to this is where the American bullfrog is not native and has been introduced. Google . Some methods of cooking include egg/cracker crumb breading or battered. Best frog legs in Evansville restaurants / 9 . Compare. Movement of live or unfrozen, unskinned amphibians is a potential way for deadly amphibian diseases such as Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis and Ranavirus to be transported around the world, and despite recommendations on preventing disease spread from the OIE, which regulates the international spread of epizootic diseases,[7] few countries have adopted these recommendations as law.

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