There weren’t any,” he said. “It was definitely a cat, it started to lope across my back yard and went into the corn field. This picture tells me that what I saw was real! These sightings alone are not enough to conclude that there is a population of cougars in the eastern United States. 2 females and 2 males. I was driving, so no picture. This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional. About 8 or 9 years ago (c. 2009), my parents and I were traveling late in the evening through the Green Swamp in Columbus County, NC on our way to Holden Beach when we saw, standing on the left shoulder of the road and clearly visible, a cougar. I had what absolutely looked like a black panther come across the road one evening about a year ago. The eyes were outlined with dark and there were a few more stripes on the face... no scruffy ears or whiskers on the lower sides. Passed through Duck, N.C. but before making it to 158 headed back to Nags Head. Most are a tawny color with brown points and a white underbelly. It was fun, and he wanted to believe his readers, but he was, to say the least, skeptical. He said he slowed down, the cat stopped and looked at him, then it jumped from the shoulder of the road across a wide ditch and disappeared into the woods. I too believe there are cougars in eastern nc. It wandered out of the woods, into a a small 6 foot fence we had on the side (the gate was open because nothing was in the fence at the time ). Notify me of follow-up comments by email. New mystery animal in Ashevile. If you have a camera handy photograph any sign you come across so it can be verified later. According to the North Carolina Wildlife Commission, there were originally 11 subspecies of cougars in North America, “but only two of them— the Eastern cougar and Florida cougar—were found east of the Mississippi River. Great article Donna, I have seen 2 one near Shearon Harris lake. Jimmy Davis, a Washington County resident, saw a black panther twice within three days in the same area. I saw one today on Jim Minor Road in Alamance County about 5:15- 5:30. Surprisingly, we were able to sit in the car and watch the cat for a good 10 minutes or so. I got a pretty good look because he stared at me with his tail stretched straight out...until I got smart and ran back in the house. What Are The Challenges Of Educational Technology Pdf, There have been sightings of In any case, the cougar in North Carolina is considered an endangered and threatened species and are protected as such. All rights reserved. Where can I post it to get opinions? I saw 2 "cats" this morning about a mile east of Williamston on hiway 64. We always have a variety of wildlife here. Of course, hearing the "screams" I ran outside just in time to catch a glimpse of it as it moved quietly away into the deeper woods. The next morning there was a baby colt killed and the hind quarters half eaten. Maybe a young cougar. It wasn't in a hurry or anything and didn't seem to pay me any attention. Wrong ears. I tried to not be scared but deep down, i knew this wasn't 100% safe. Donna Campbell Smith (author) from Central North Carolina on September 12, 2017: I can't open the image. At first I thought it was a LARGE dog. I was driving to work along Highway 55 approximately six miles west of New Bern in eastern NC at approximately 6:30 am in late August 2011 when a cougar crossed the road in front of my vehicle. I’m adding 4 more cougars to the Appalachian mountains. Definitely feline. Then it hopped off the other side and Walked back towards the woods. I live near Pamlico Beach and have seen a cougar near my home and also between Belhaven NC & Washington NC. As I looked into the woods, I could see a shape, and it turned it's head to me so that the eyes were reflecting in the light. Amazing! Donna Campbell Smith (author) from Central North Carolina on March 19, 2018: That is awesome. Is it possible that here in NC we have a black panther? They stay with the mother until they are two years old. The cat people saw today was huge in comparison. She knows what she’s seen, at least twice. I had a powerful spot light at hand and was still wearing my duty gear. Donna Campbell Smith (author) from Central North Carolina on February 11, 2020: Yes, it is illegal to kill one. If you look closely enough, or have enough bright light, you can see spots amongst the dark fur. Would it be a cougar or Panther? “There are no known cougars in North Carolina,” Jodie Owens of the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission told the Observer. Donna Campbell Smith (author) from Central North Carolina on January 23, 2020: It is believed the black panther is the melanistic colour ( black coat due to a gene that produces a dark pigment) variant of any Panthera, possibly or a jaguar which would explain the spots. It was larger than a black lab,about 70-80 ponds, long tail, took its time with that cat stroll. Donna Campbell Smith (author) from Central North Carolina on February 10, 2020: Wow, Mike. “Other readers called to describe nighttime, plaintive howls unlike those of more familiar local creatures. It was not a domesticated cat. I would suggest looking up Frank Newells articles in the Warren Record he has some good accounts going back to the 70's and he wrote a wildlife officer came face to face with one in I believe 2017 at Lake Gaston. “I know what I saw,” he said. Donna Campbell Smith (author) from Central North Carolina on February 20, 2019: Wow, I hope you get it on film. She said the cat walked along the path, then turned and started across the back of her yard. As she watched it walk along the path and got a better look she realized it was a cat, a BIG cat and not a bob cat – it had a long tail. We had been to dinner in Waynesville driving back up Woodfin Road to the cabin. Alfred Smith, a Washington County native says he has seen cougars in Bertie, Washington, and Tyrrell counties over the past twenty years. This sighting was in Sampson county 3 nights ago. While I was mountain biking I came across a black cougar or large cat of some sort. How to Distinguish a Cougar from Other Cats: Cougars are tan or slightly yellow in color, large, and have a long tail. I know what a Bobcat sounds like and how they I knew what I saw was not a Bobcat. It was about the size of a large german shepard dog. The cougar is a big cat known by many names including panther, mountain lion, puma and up to 80 more, but these are all the same species, Puma concolor. Carolina Panthers (Felis concolor couguar), also known as Catamounts, Pumas, Painters, and Eastern Cougars, have been declared extinct by the U.S. My husband n i go outside to see whats going on. There has never been a confirmed or documented case of a melanistic mountain lion in the United States. August 2007, Report by M.  On August the 22, 2007 my wife and I were headed to Gatlinburg from just, Cougar in Shining Rock Wilderness. People have described cougar vocalizations as everything from sounding like a woman screaming to a baby crying. Was it dead? There have been other sightings on our mountain and I was not witness to. Fowler Was A Class 10, Bobcats are much smaller, but roughly twice the size of a housecat, weighing up to 40 pounds once full grown. At first i thought "a dirty panther" but when i started looking online, i discovered they have brown spots underneath the darker coat. The U.S. I think it was 1992. At Christmas, I set up a trail cam in the area, to see if I could possibly snag a photo. Ive seen a black cougar at least once, maybe two times. Kenya’s Daily Nation newspaper said Tuesday that its photographer, Phoebe Okall, shot an image of a black leopard in 2013 in the same region. He said the cat was about 4 ½ feet long with a tail almost as long. I gathered Etta into the house as quickly as I could and called my son to tell him the news, also texted my other children.”. Their thick tail is one of their most distinct features - it can be as long or longer than its body and typically ends in a darker patch of fur. I know the wildlife people say we do not have cougars in eastern NC but I don't know what else these cats. Privacy Policy | Comment Policy | Editorial Policy & Terms of Use | © 2019 North Carolina Coastal Federation. While there have been reports of sightings of black leopards, the last confirmed observation with photographic evidence was in Ethiopia more than a century ago, he said. Lol they are deffinantly in the east. I set for thirty minutes on a log watching everything. Coca-cola Indonesia South Quarter, "* We're on 35 wooded acres and back up to another 20 acres and a valley in the Cumberland mounains.

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