By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Copy the ‘ParametricEQ.txt’ version of the preset and paste it into a folder you can easily find for importing to Peace. That is why I recommend you try them all out.

If you don’t then check in your program files that Equalizer APO is installed, if its not then it may have been accidentally picked up by your anti-virus. If you are new to some of the jargon I have already said, don’t worry. So having a more flat sound stage makes it a lot easier to hear footsteps in the likes of PUBG and Apex Legends. If you want more bass to have more immersive explosions then you can tweak that in Peace and then save your preset under your own custom one. The next step is to install the Peace APO GUI. Not specifically Apex no.. footsteps are kinda hard to try and improve since you would need to find the frequencies of them and boost that aspect which will make other sounds sound weird. Hey man did you ever find the best presetrs for footsteps in apex? There are a few ways to get presets. Peace should install into the same folder as your Equalizer APO installation.

A subreddit to show off your Corsair build, discuss new releases and find Corsair related news! I recommend you work with the presets you imported earlier and you can tweak them if you find they are missing frequencies when it comes to gaming. Save the preset and name it something to help you differentiate between the other presets we imported earlier. You need to listen to it and make adjustments yourself to fine tune it as your set up (mic/sound hardware/your voice/etc) will sound diff to the guy you want to sound like......this means theres no one setting to make it sound like this guy that will work for everyone as it will depend on their hardware and voice. You should now know which device is your headphones. Everyone likes different settings so there is not a one size fits all solution. I haven’t tried Hesuvi myself so I can’t say much on that. i would like to lower gunshots and increase footsteps. In simple terms, it involves adjusting the bass, mids and treble frequencies of the sound your headphones produce. So select that checkbox and click ok. Equalizer APO will ask you to restart your system.

Not a technically professional depiction of audio engineering! Let’s get into the guide so we can get your headphones sounding the way they should be. Then you rename this device and select an icon for it so that you can easily identify which device are your headphones or speakers etc. I recommend choosing a noticeable EQ preset such as ‘Radio’ so that you can clearly hear the difference between the Peace EQ being on and off. logitech G560 speakers Arctis Wireless Pro. It is a “parametric/graphic equalizer “ for Windows. You might find you can tweak it yourself and find something better. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I'm currently using these ( ) settings provided by a Corsair employee on … You can easily switch between different presets depending on what you are doing. Select the playback tab and you will see the list of playback devices you have connected.

As an audio engineer I'd just like to point out that these setting might work best for OP on their headphones, but THESE WILL NOT BE THE BEST SETTINGS FOR EVERYONE, all headphones are different. He also goes into much more detail on the technical side of equalisation so if you’re interested in that see what he has to say. He said: Most Headphones have an equalizer than effects the sounds it produces, If you want to get the bass boosted sounds like Mongraal change the hz following. Open each of these folders and navigate to the name of your headphones. I’ve reached step 3, but i’m now having difficulties as the git isn’t letting me download the zip. Hey Barry, i’m currently putting myself trough the trouble of learning Audio and such. This is also from a super helpful Reddit user called Oratory1990. Do you guys have any recommended EQ settings? I can’t get past the .csv. Oratory uses 10 bands so in Peace make sure you have 10 sliders to configure which correlate to the 10 bands. If you want to compare each of the presets at the same volume then you can reduce the gain on the presets from GitHub to match Oratory’s.

Keep in mind, explosions and gun fire although they add a lot of immersion to the game they muffle other sounds such as footsteps. One huge tip I can give is that louder does not equal better. Let me know if that works. Thanks man this worked extremely well for me. If you move the sliders to the left (32/64/125/250) up you will be boosting the bass. Quick disclaimer, I am not an audio engineer.

Will continue figuring this out! Hi I would like to get the best out of my speakers AND headphones. If you have audiophile headphones and you are not using equalization you are missing out on the potential of your headphones. Haha… figured it out!!! Hi there Michel.

Do as it says and come back here after your restart. As creator of Peace I had to leave a comment on this excellent guide . Great! I love these so far, but can't seem to find the right setting. For example, you might find the bass is signficantly less than the stock configuration. I wanna improve my audio for rainbow six. I have dolby 7.1 off too and every eq settings turned off with no luck. They can sound tunnel-y at times, compared to my previous SteelSeries Arctis 3. If you see the green ‘Yes, installed’ text then great, click the install button! I used one of the below (sorry, forgot). The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. It is the equivalent to the ‘Q-factor’ which is the Quality (Q) row in Peace. Thank you for this great tutorial! What is Equalizer APO? Find the folder where you saved your presets in the previous step and import them all. You will then be prompted with a warning stating “File config.txt of Equalizer APO must be overwritten to activate Peace”. If you have your headphones set to your default playback device then that device will have a green tick next to it. But since, I've gotten the Wireless Arctis 7 instead. He lists what to do in his twitch chat but I am not sure. Make sure you select the ‘Filter Type’ in Peace by selecting the little graph symbol and changing it to the filter type in Oratory’s table. Do you guys have any recommended EQ settings? You might find that Oratory’s presets sound quieter than the ones you downloaded from GitHub. As with most sound though it is very much personal preference. Press J to jump to the feed.

If you don’t then you need to follow these steps: Once installed, reboot and try the trick above to test the Peace EQ to see if it’s now working correctly. This is just one method towards getting the best equalizer settings for gaming and music. Once you download it, unzip it. I love these so far, but can't seem to find the right setting. Did u find a solution?

Lol.. please delete The comment, Could you please tell me how you figured it out? I primarily play CS:Go, PUBG, and Overwatch with Dolby 7.1 turned off and using FPS Competitive EQ setting. any ideas? Click ok and then in the setup tool in the bottom left click ‘Start Peace’. This is really easy so don’t get overwhelmed. He has individually tested all the headphones he can get his hands on to EQ them to the best of his ability. While researching I stumbled onto the topic of equalisation.. Recently I picked up a pair of Sennheiser HD600s, my first pair of proper audiophile headphones. Scroll down and you will see a table that lists all the filter settings to apply in Peace. The definition of equalization is “the process of adjusting the balance between frequency components within an electronic signal”. By default this is: After you click install you should be prompted with a small window saying that Peace has been installed. Now we are going to import some presets for your headphones so that you are getting the very best ‘studio’ quality sound from your headphones. Then you will be greeted with the Configurator window to allow you to choose which devices you want to install the APO onto. Click the green ‘Clone or Download’ button and click download zip. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Next, navigate to either headphonecom/sbaf-serious, innerfidelity/sbaf-serious or referenceaudioanaylser/zero.

Next, run the installer and follow each of the steps.

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