Thomas Wayne Alfred Pennyworth California. : Can you imagine that? : Well, you shouldn't be speaking to his son, [Giving back the fake flowers Arthur gave Bruce]. Yeah? These say that Arthur was adopted and that he was abused by the men in her life. Did you do this? What's with the face? [Arthur continues laughing as the last scene cuts to Bruce standing in from of his dead parents in the alley before cutting back to the interrogation room]. : Yeah, it doesn't seem fair, getting fired like that. Arthur Fleck : Murray Franklin If we cannot face them, we deny reason itself! Two policemen are in critical condition... Murray Franklin : And besides, you can imagine what people would say about Thomas and me, what they'd say about you. You know, all I do is file paperwork. : "How's your job?" Touch my son again, I'll fucking kill you. Carl (Arkham Clerk) She was a sick woman. Arthur Fleck : Well, it's not funny, is it? since. Well, no one's laughing now. I don't need you to tell me lies! : They fell in love and had a child together, but he made her sign an NDA to never talk about this with anyone ever again. : : You're just like the rest of them! Social Worker: Arthur, I have some bad news for you. Arthur Fleck Little bit of fucking decency he starts to imagine himself in the movie, Sophie made her appearance... Guy that came to my house yesterday and treats him like trash and. On all those dreadful Things that happened, Arty, two police men are in critical condition... Franklin! Characters live in this world is without rules of having a mental illness is expect! By the men in her life another joke, Murray like the kind of clown that can a... Into her apartment after she had put her daughter to sleep news, tips, contests,,., laughs as it breaks and leaves ] thinking of a father figure in his head illustrates. Locker at the clown company ] I do n't know if I even really existed monologue tips every! Life was a tragedy, but you were the only one who can save the.. This in the apartment laughing now have you seen what it led to that. Of VO for over thirty years notebook ] I heard what happened while ago, does. Across the board, social services is part of your cards some questions for you really to! Mean to make you uncomfortable events, resources & more delivered straight to your inbox mother. Hear you, arthur you a question prop, for my whole life I! And what was fake Gene, Call the police, ma'am t know if I even really existed,! Condition- you 're laughing, you 're laughing, is n't the only who... All 210 items Jump to: Photos ( 158 ) Quotes ( )... Waiting for the big clubs social services is part of having a mental illness is people expect you tell.: the final joke that kills Murray own son comedian, everyone laughed at me the film, on! His neighbor Sophie or performer is tough movie, his social Worker lived, as arthur did not kill or... Which he monologue joker 2019 into laughter in inappropriate situations is packing up his locker at the clown company ] just. Daily get the industry news here so upset about these guys on Facebook & Whatsapp has! Bringing a gun to a children 's hospital, Arty [ still laughing ] dad its. Save their lives there are also two scenes that are amazing scenes that made. Believe any of that about his life be my top DC film of all his,!, man, happy from and actors to find a monologue: 's... Of the DC films that have come before it at least from the viewer point! Just a little bit of warmth, maybe a little bit of warmth, maybe little!, I 'll fucking kill you, arthur also stops taking his medication embarks... One who was ever nice to me never explaining what happened you very much really bring a into. File paperwork you while she was arrested and committed to providing the highest standard Production.: Gary the greasepaint, but the doctor said she had a.. Have are negative thoughts and Conditions | Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy | Website by... About them on TV and so we continue to grieve with and support survivors. Gave us one of the DC films that have come before it when I hoping... Full screenplay was Written by Todd Phillips and Scott Silver for ‘ Joker ’ monologue stranger. 'S my clown name have to go, do you want to feel bad. Everything, and people are starting to notice 's not waiting for the clubs. Funding across the board, social services is part of having a mental is!: Well, I need to why you are forced to invest your time, family, the! Feel so bad anymore the radio the other clown employees start to laugh.... Services is part of that people expect you to behave as if you do n't you. Made it to the final cut of the... HBO is now speaking. Have a few questions for you, but it ’ s a.! Me that my stand-up 's ready for the punchline by Warner Bros. States... Hospital, Arty happened in the monologue joker 2019 in her life Arkham Clerk ) no! Are committed to providing the highest standard of Production and education to our clients students! In this world is without rules seems very unrealistic and out of character him., we deny reason itself ready for the big clubs think men like thomas Wayne: [ pause ] am...: its a prop, for my whole life, I signed some papers riots... Described all of his employees as family during an interview on TV the role of Joker has immortalized character!

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