Optional Motorcycle Adapters. Externally, the only requirement is a flat, concrete floor on which to bolt the lift. This stability is due to the support of the overhead arch, which holds the columns together at the top instead of the bottom. For convenience, portability and compact storage, nothing beats the patented MaxJax® portable car lift. Issuance of a local building/occupancy permit may require approval from some branch of government jurisdiction. Capacity 2 Post Lift, 10,000 lb. From there, the upward/downward force is distributed in even measures to the other post, which is called the slave column. This is a nice lift. © 2020 BendPak Holdings LLC. The bottom line is that a 10,000 lb. Because the hose and equalization cables are routed through this top support bar, the concrete garage floor between the two columns is free from obstruction. However, you must ensure any overhead lift you choose has sufficient height for the vehicles you intend to service. Overhead Lifts may be used with either symmetric arm configurations or asymmetric arm configurations or super symmetric arm configuration. Fully adjustable lift arms with stackable adapters. Greg Smith Equipment Sales provides the highest quality Overhead and Base Plate 2 Post Auto Lifts, at the most competitive prices in the Industry. Capacity 2 Post Lift, Atlas Platinum PVL-12 ALI Certified 12,000 Lbs. Don't have the room for bulky four post and two post lifts- Need to be able to use vehicles lanes when not working on your vehicles? That's roughly 82,500-lbs of pressure being applied down for each column. It can be set up and mounted in just about any space and comes with a flush mounting system lets you reclaim 100% of your floor space when it's not in use. If you intend to work on passenger trucks and vans, you will need an auto lift with a capacity of at least 10,000 to 11,000 pounds. We're a family-owned and operated company that takes a hands-on approach to better serving our customers. In order to navigate out of this carousel please use your heading shortcut key to navigate to the next or previous heading. A cast iron gear flow divider provides precisely equalized lifting for uniform division of hydraulic power. Theodore, AL 36582 The Universalift was Trademarked in 2015. (20A/25A Breaker). Some people purchase lifts so they can work on their vehicles at home. Symmetrical lifts are most suitable for work on longer vehicles, such as trucks and SUVs. As a portable 2 post car lift, the Universalift 2 provides strong lifting capabilities with the flexibility to configure the 2 post lift in any shop or garage space. To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. Specs of the Atlas® PV-12P include the following: Learn more about the commercial-grade Atlas® PV-12P. Forget about having to find an auto lift that will fit in your garage. Thanks to its unique portable two-post design, the MaxJax offers greater versatility and serviceability when compared to traditional mid-rise or low-rise garage lifting systems. US 8.256.577 B2 - PATENT NO. In both types, the lift arms are attached to vehicular supports that move up and down along with the posts. Please try again. Two-post lifts are equipped with one set of evenly situated posts that support the weight of a vehicle. 844-629-5291. Especially if you have less than 8' ceiling height. Automotive Service facilities around the world trust the Atlas Brand as an industry leader in Auto Equipment. Is the MaxJax portable two-post lift right for you? There are two additional variances to the range of two-post lifts on today's market — asymmetric and symmetric. You can also contact us for more information and to request to speak with a live representative. Unable to add item to List. Specs of the Universalift 2 include the following: Learn more about the acclaimed Universalift 2, one of the best two-post car lifts on the market. The Atlas 2 Post Car Lift will immediately increase the productivity of your Automotive Service Shop. Although the steel cover plate sits very low to the ground, there is still a slight raised obstruction between the two columns that may be problematic when rolling a transmission jack or oil drain under the full length of the raised vehicle. Every MaxJax unit is loaded with the right features that make it the best choice when looking for a new car lift. Every tool, part, product or piece of equipment we sell is carefully evaluated to ensure it meets our high standards. The Universalift 11KAC-D Auto Lift is one of the best-rated two-post car lifts due to its reliability, adjustability and incredible ease of use. As such, the Universalift 2 is ideal for use in smaller working spaces. For convenience, portability and compact storage, nothing beats the patented MaxJax® portable car lift. The Bison 9KAF is a two-post floor plate, low-clearance car lift with a 9,000-pound carrying capacity. With asymmetrical lifts, the length of a vehicle needs to be placed roughly 30 percent beyond the front post and 70 percent beyond the rear, since 70 percent of vehicular weight centers on the engine sink of most cars, vans and trucks. Automatic arm restraints. Detailed installation, maintenance and safety instructions accompany each MaxJax car lift. Well need no further because the MaxJax Lift gives you all the convenience of a regular two post lift, but without permanently taking up a vehicle lane. I even went to trade shows to look at what some of the major manufacturers to the automotive dealerships had, companies like Rotary and Challenger. Need a quick oil change. To determine the best two-post lift, you must consider your reasons for such a purchase. To ensure door access, the posts should be aligned to the center of the vehicle. The following models are among the top-rated two-post car lifts on the market today. Most customers with adequate ceiling height would opt for the Overhead Two Post Lift because the overhead beam between the two columns provides slightly more stability. I could not be happier. A Two Post Overhead Car Lift has a bar located between the top of each column through which the equalization cables and hydraulic hoses are routed. Lightweight and compact, these portable 2 post car lifts offer a 7,000-pound capacity and an adjustable width up to 120-inches center of column. Therefore, auto mechanics can use this lift with medium-height ceilings. Best of all, MaxJax is completely portable and can be setup anywhere. Reviewed in the United States on July 30, 2016. Nice lift for confined spaces and will pay for itself, but has minor issues. Best-Rated 2-Post Auto Lifts. capacity Portable 2-Post Lift, FREE SHIPPING. An asymmetrical lift uses differing arms at each end. Learn more about the Atlas Apex 10. Specifications: NW-2-9KFP. Portable Two Post Auto Lift The all new revolutionary Chrome C-7000 is simply the most versatile two post lift in existence. The main drawback of the baseplate lift is that the plate can get in your way if you do transmission work. Inspecting the underside of a vehicle is a lot easier while standing under the car instead of looking up while lying on a creeper. As an ALI/ETL certified commercial-grade lift, the Atlas Apex 10 is one of the top-rated two-post auto lifts available on today's market. A true patented and trademarked original, the Universalift 2 answers the need for a flexible lift solution for a broad range of businesses and individuals. Is the MaxJax portable two-post lift right for you. Two-post lifts are equipped with one set of evenly situated posts that support the weight of a vehicle. Capacity 2 Post Lift, Atlas® Apex 15 ALI Certified Overhead 15,000 lbs. Save on our most popular accessories by purchasing a bundle! Able to support heavy vehicles, the PV-12P makes it possible to raise long trucks with utmost safety. Capacity 2 Post Above Ground Car Lift, Atlas Platinum PVL-10 ALI Certified 10,000 Lbs. Like most garages my ceiling height could not support a full rise lift. US 9.150.395 B2. Buy the original! Installation of a two-post baseplate lift requires only a few simple steps. Arm restraints automatically engage each time the lift is raised. If you're in the market for a portable 2 post car lift that has what it takes to get the job done right every time, the all-new Universalift 2 is a versatile solution for residential and commercial use. Capacity 2 Post Lift, Atlas® 9KOH Overhead 9,000 lbs. The flexibility of the hydraulic hoses makes it possible to run the lines in the way that's best suited to your space and applications. You can even quickly take down the 2 post lift for convenient transportation between multiple stations or locations. The Universalift 11KAC-D comes with direct-drive hydraulic cylinders, which allow the lift to support vehicular loads as high as 11,000 pounds evenly. Increases overall arm positioning for lifting a variety of different vehicles that have Uni-body construction, OEM recommended pick-up points, or wide and/or narrow frame configurations. Easy to assemble in minimal time, the Universalift 11KAC-D Auto Lift allows you to get to work whenever necessary.

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