Agora IPO | API NASDAQ Listed – View Bell Ringing Ceremony, Build a Streaming Application with Face Filter on Android, How to Build a Token Server for Agora Applications using NodeJS, Connecting to Agora with Tokens — Using Swift, Adding PubNub Chat to an Agora Video Web App, Implementing Spatial Audio Chat in Unity Using Agora, How To Implement Video Call in SwiftUI with Two Lines of Code, Agora Inc. iOS v3.1.2. First, we need to add the host user’s image on the top left, and the number of users viewing on the top right. It is because I have made all the Firebase requests in another file, which I will share that details towards the end of the blog. Add real-time live interactive video streaming into any application using our easy-to-embed SDK. This way, the image will only be fetched once from the server. Supports specifying which screen or which window to share, and supports specifying the sharing region.

Sends the audio and video of your channel to other RTMP servers through the CDN: Large-scale live streams where hosts can invite the audience to interact with them. I added them to a map so that we do not need to call the image function repeatedly. Next, we will go through the process of adding the live-streaming feature into the app using Agora Flutter SDK. Add real-time crystal-clear voice chat into any application with our easy-to-embed SDK. An interactive streaming channel has two client roles: Broadcaster and Audience. After SplashScreen we need to build a login page, here I have used Firebase Authentication for the back-end of the login and registering page. The Unity SDK supports the following platforms: The browser support on the Web platform varies with the device and system. The codes above allow you to get the user’s image when he/she has joined the channel.

Mot de passe oublié ? So let’s add the dependencies and open the pubspec.yaml and enter these: Now you can find the setting.dart file in my project which stores the App ID. From here, we need to create a Firebase project and link it with your Flutter project. Social; Gaming; Retail; Education; Telehealth; Workforce; Dev Center.
After you finish the basic home page design, this is what it will look like. Agora Video SDK is based on the UDP protocol and the sound and video codec technology of Agora. Users can write public messages through this feature to show their support for the host. uid: The ID of the local user that is an integer and should be unique. For the entire project, you can check out the GitHub repo here.

import RtcEngine, {RtcLocalView, RtcRemoteView, VideoRenderMode} from 'react-native-agora' 2. To achieve that, we use the RTM’s feature on channel.getMembers().length. In addition, when a new user joins the channel, we need to have the app send an automatic message showing the new user has joined the channel. To create a client for Agora RTM, we need to add that function in the initState() too.

For better user experience, we also need to prompt if the entered values are not valid. You can call startPreview to enable the local video preview before joining the channel. Now, let’s work on the main home screen of the app. First we need to initialize the Agora Engine by calling the initialize function inside initState(). To send a live stream to WeChat or Weibo. Alongside the live-steaming feature, I have called a function in the initState() of the host file, createClient(). The detailed design will look like the following: Here, the ‘test’ is the user’s username and ‘y’ is another user’s username. After joining the channel, pass in the uid of the remote user sending the video and set the video view of the remote user. Click on the sign-up button in the top-right corner. This function returns the number of users joined in the channel. Unity v3.0.1. We need that App ID for running the SDK in our project.

After the login or sign up, save the data (including name, email, image) in the Firebase server and in shared Preference too.

Agora Live Interactive Video Streaming enables one-to-many and many-to-many audio or video live streaming with the Agora RTC SDK. Now the final build of the home page will be like this: You should have created the homepage UI and a live-streaming notification feature.

Global low latency and high concurrency. After setting the channel profile and client role, configure the local video view.

I’m using class for the live users too, so that we can easily manage data. According to a research by Grand View Research, the global video streaming market size was valued over $40 billion in 2019. On this interface, we will need an option to upload an image and the text fields for email address, password, full name, and user name.

For details, see Video Call and Live Interactive Video Streaming. Get started with 10,000 free minutes today!

Follow the steps in Setting up the development environment to create a React Native project. The intended UI for the live-streaming feature is shown below: Now we just need to add a few more features to make our app look more like a functional social media app. Connexion à Agora. Initialize RtcEngine. For details, see, A token generated at the server. This applies to scenarios with high-security requirements. In live interactive video streaming, you should be able to see other users. I’ll explain why we use it later. If your project has enabled the app certificate, ensure that you provide a token. Dev Center Home; SDK Downloads; Sample Apps; FAQs; Community Center; Customer Stories. After setting the channel profile to LiveBroadcasting, your app may use the following steps to set the client role: Note that in live interactive streaming, only the host can be heard and seen.

The default role is Audience.

Now it looks more like a live-streaming notification block. Agora provides a set of sample applications demonstrating how to get live video broadcasting integrated directly into your applications using the Agora Video SDK.

You can set the attributes of the video source. Agora Live Interactive Video Streaming boasts a flexible combination of functions for different scenarios. I used Android Studio to create the project in this tutorial (you can find the tutorial to create a new flutter project here. For details, see. Écoutez et regardez le live de France Inter : votre radio en direct vidéo ! See, Additional Configurations Before Joining a Channel.

As an Agora Student Ambassador, this project is to create a Live Video Broadcast using Agora SDK in Flutter - Akchy/Agora-Live-Broadcasting

Windows v3.1.2. This function defined a RTM Channel for the user to send messages. macOS v3.1.2.

The channelName should be unique because the audience and host need to join and connect with the channelName.

The blooming live-streaming market not only creates influencers worth over a millions of dollars, but also encourages large companies to launch their own live-streaming features, such as YouTube Live and Instagram Live. Agora provides an open-source sample project that implements Agora React Native Quickstart on GitHub. Function Description Scenario; Co-hosting in a channel: An audience switches to a co-host and interacts with the existing host.

A temporary token is valid for 24 hours. Here is the code for building this feature: I have added a footer, that when clicked, will redirect back to the Login Page. You can set it to one of the following values: channelName: Specify the channel name that you want to join. In this tutorial, I only explained the key parts of the codes. Do more with your live audio and video streams with Agora’s cloud or in-premise recording solutions. Electron(Windows) v3.0.0. To start a streaming channel, we need a channelName.

Fill in the sign-up fields to create your account.

We’d be happy to help you add voice or video chat, streaming and messaging into your apps. They have a lot of resources and documentation that you can check out for the implementation. That’s it! Electron(macOS) v3.0.0. We also need to have an admin management feature, which allows the hosts to mute, switch camera, and end streaming. Let’s start with the live-commenting feature. To provide flexible device management for exclusive video capture devices to avoid conflicts with other services. Different from the traditional CDN live broadcast, which only allows one-way communication from the hosts to the audience, the Agora RTC SDK empowers the audience to interact with the hosts by becoming a host, like a viewer jumping onto the stage in the middle of a play to perform.

Additional Configurations Before Joining a Channel, Next: Agora Live Interactive Video Streaming boasts a flexible combination of functions for different scenarios.

After you finish the UI design, we can work on the logistics of this feature.

Large-scale live streams where hosts can invite the audience to interact with them. Hosts interact with each other across channels. The streaming screen should look like this: Next, let’s work on creating the join screen for the audience side. Injects an external audio or video stream to an ongoing live interactive streaming channel. Generate a Token The first step is to create a new Flutter Project. Install the latest version of the Agora React Native SDK: For iOS, you also need to run the following command: This section describes how to use the Agora React Native SDK to start live interactive video streaming. With the easy-to-embed platform like Agora SDK, adding live-streaming features is now easier than ever.

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