Kinetik HC600 Black Lead_Acid_Battery review 2020. Odyssey TPPL AGM batteries are recommended to be charged at a minimum of .4C. So it will be best if you find a charger that has a desulfation method of charging batteries.

If you’ve listened to net lore or dock lore for years, as I have, we all know AGM’s “don’t come up to absorption until 80-85%” right?

Who wants to charge their AGM battery they should get knowledge about the right temperature range for it. Selection of a proper charger is also a necessary thing for this AGM battery charging requirements.

When you cycle more than a few times in the 50% to 90% SOC range there is no way for a typical Ah counter/battery monitor to accurately track your charge efficiency. The positive terminal should be connected with a parallel way to the other positive side. This battery, when charged at .2C from 49.5% SOC, stayed in BULK/CC for 1:16 minutes and entered ABSORPTION/CV charging, where current begins declining, at 77.4% SOC.

Even if his alternator could run at at a face value of 150A it is simply impossible to return 225Ah’s to that bank in 1.5 hours from 50% SOC.

You bet! At .4C the charge source is only working at full output, 42A, for 19 minutes then becomes voltage limited @ *14.4V, At .2C the charge source is working at full output, 21A, for 1:16 before it becomes voltage limited @ *14.4V, The difference in total charge time from 50% to 100% SOC, with this battery, when we doubled the charge current, was 12 minutes.

The voltage is climbing slower in bulk at .2C than it did at .4C.

How long does it take to charge from 50% SOC to 100% SOC? cord should be free of breaks or cuts and the wall plug should be clean.

But it is a wrong prediction.

If you’re paying attention this battery, when charged at .4C from 49.3% SOC, stayed in BULK/CC for 19 minutes and entered ABSORPTION/CV charging, where current begins declining, at 63.3% SOC. MYTH BUSTING: Think about this snap shot if you use or are considering a battery combining relay for charge management and are concerned or have been scared off by one of the many myths surrounding these effective and highly reliable devices. The Absorption charge phase completes the charging cycle, during which charge resistance increases. C = 20 hr Rated Capacity (AH)                [ex: 2 strings x S6-460AGM-RE models (415 AH)  = 830 AH rated capacity], I = Charging Current (Amps)                  [charger output min 10% up to max 30% of 20 hr rate]   EXAMPLE:2 strings of S6-460AGM batteries, 20 hr rate = 415 AH x (2 strings) = 830 AH, I =20% of 830 AH = 166 Amps    OR      If the charger output limit is 120 Amps max, then 120 is used, T = 0.38 x 830/166 = 1.9 hrs      OR      T = 0.38 x 830/120 = 2.63 hrs, Did you find it helpful? There are some important points to remain in mind to preserve or charge your AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) battery. Please DO NOT feel obligated at all. PERSPECTIVE: It is pretty clear that a 1 hour charge at .2C is an inadequate charge rate for AGM batteries that are routinely discharged to 50% SOC, unless you really like hearing your motor or generator run. The eternal question of “Do AGM’s charge faster with high charge rates applied?” seems to still be open for debate.

The steps described above may help you a little bit.

In this second part of the testing I am replicating a few typical scenarios for recharging on a cruising boat.

Is so feel free to donate, support the site and keep it growing. If you think about the physical charger size, then it was a mistake!

The baseline Ah capacity of this battery was 95.69Ah. Here Lifeline Battery is referring to the “walk down” effect of PSOC use (*partial state of charge cycling). *For more information on the effects of PSOC cycling AGM batteries please read the May 2015 and August 2015 issues of Practical Sailor Magazine. I have highlighted the important part for net return amps determining 100% SOC.

Words mean certain things and when we blur the definitions to sell $hit, it CONFUSES PEOPLE. AGM charge current should be between 0.10 and 0.15 of the20 hour rate AH rating. ← Charging.

Absorption or constant-voltage is where the charge source holds voltage steady, hence the term “constant-voltage”. Yes, it took longer to attain 100% SOC (per Lifeline battery tech manual) but that time was only about 12 minutes different with double the charge rate.

Murderous to your marine batteries? It is a continuous process. It will also store energy for future use. This creates a downsiide to AGM use in that it could literally take 10 hours or more to fully charge your battery. It may be set at personal preference.

As with all, lead-acid batteries, both over- and under-charging a Rolls AGM battery will result in shortened service, life.

Though it is, you should not stop charging the battery anymore.

20 Hour Discharge Rate – Also the “20 hour rating”.

If we again assume that bulk was 100% efficient, and we will for round numbers, the energy returned to the battery at .2C during bulk charging looks like this: If we know the battery had 47.36 Ah left in it, at 49.5% SOC then: 47.36Ah + 26.67 Ah = 74.03 Ah stored in the battery, 74.03 Ah as a % of 95.69 Ah (tested capacity) = 77.4% SOC.

Check Pricing on Amazon. This is to be expected.

Suffice it to say it is physically impossible to recharge a 440Ah bank of AGM batteries at 50% SOC to 100% SOC in 1.5 hours with a .34C charge current. Here are a couple of things to keep in mind when maintaining your Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) battery, including an OPTIMA® battery. For this procedure, you need a voltmeter to measure the AGM battery charging amps. At 2 minutes the voltage at a .4C charge rate had already risen to 13.6V. Would you like to see more articles like this? Charge efficiency is not a simply single data point number such as 20% efficient or 10% efficient.

In my shop I use adjustable power supplies to avoid dumb so called “smart chargers”.

But for AGM batteries partial charging is not applicable. AGM batteries need a particular type of charging system.

Battery voltage will rise pretty slowly from here on but to get to an ACR’s “combine level” is relatively quick and easy, especially if you have your system set up properly. This kind of battery technology introduces in 1985 in military aircraft. This is a metric $hit ton of work on a typical 90A – 120A alternator. See batteries don’t just automatically attain the absorption point at 80% SOC it all depends upon the available charge current.. At 2 hours the charge current is down to 11A.. At 3 hours the battery is now accepting just 4.2A.

On this 1 hour .2C recharge the battery never attained the absorption voltage of 14.4V and was still in bulk when the charger turned off at the one hour mark. Is too much current bad for an AGM Battery? The cable connectors should be, clean and properly mate with the battery terminals to ensure a snug connection.

For charge and discharge rates I kept them based on the “as new” capacity rating, just as many boaters would do, to keep the test a bit more “real world“.. Shame on companies who grossly mislead the consumer and use incorrect lingo to pretend they are getting more than they actually are.. This leaves the battery at 49.3% SOC or just about 50% SOC. This battery only saw an approx 12 minute difference in a 5.5hour charge period but yes it did charge “faster” at .4C than it did at .2C. While this certainly does not make the most efficient use of the alternator, or inverter/chargers, or generators it does charge the batteries to a higher SOC in a short 1 hour run. On the other hand, small size battery needs a small charger. Adequate procedures for charging a battery not maintain the battery health but also help in renewing an almost dead battery.

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