"Why'd you bring it with you?" Of course, he also likes someone, it's normal for everyone – especially at their age. What are you doing here?". She turned her head so he couldn't see her, but he could catch a glimpse of a smile in her face.

"I didn't think you'd actually do it…".

Marinette shrugged and plopped down in her chair, scooting herself back over with her hamster. A scream echoed throughout the gymnasium.

she asked as she threaded her fingers through his hair.

"You-You have bed hair." Bit of a sweet tooth, aren't you?" Marinette's grin stretched across her entire face, pure joy at just the pictures on her phone. A pair of wings growing out of her arms accompanied the look. You practically stalked him before – that's why you have his complete schedule. I know it's the worst thing you can wish for someone else's love life, but…" Sighing, Marinette lays down on her bed as she closes her eyes. Or do you want someone- I mean something in particular?" Howdy. "Well, take these cookies with you for the both of you to snack on!" "Watch out, Howdy's there!" The little black cat raised one of his eyebrows "You don't remember what happened on April 24th, 5 years ago? "Adrieen" the kwami complained "I was dreaming of cheese!".

Then, he heard the sound of that stupid hamster wheel and visibly cringed. He looked at it closer, as before he had only catch a glimpse. They're having P.E today – one of the things she hates – and of all games, it's volleyball. He's fun to be with, kind, a total jokester, but he will get serious when the situation needs it. The girl started to think about it, making a face that Adrien thought was adorable.

I saw the whole thing! G-goodbye Adrien, hope she likes it." "Did you see that? A faint blush covered her cheeks as she thanked him. 'This guy is lucky' he thought 'He got Marinette to come to this smelly store, just to get him cheese'. He couldn't believe it. Adrien came over to Marinette's that afternoon to work on a project the both of them were assigned to. He tapped on the trapdoor and waited patiently for Marinette to greet him. "Well, then you should come to my house more often.

Sure, they had started to get along better in the last few weeks, but it was still weird. "Marinette," Adrien called. Adrien is about to run after her, but Alya already beats him to it so he just left the two alone. His classes went fast, and he went through the day with his mind on Ladybug land, as Plagg liked to call it, and as the last week, he found himself staring at a certain designer, and being captivated by her laugh when Alya told her something, or her voice when she sang for herself. D-don't you want also Ch-Chat Noir?" "My lady, I'm afraid that we have to part ways, I know I have a gorgeous face, but I think that if you see it with the mask, you may faint because of my beauty". But I'm sure that my feelings for you, aren't a lie – and it definitely won't lose to anyone.' He then hid the presents in a corner, because he wanted it to be a surprise. She shrieks, a broad smile appearing on her face.

Marinette sighs. Oh God. The boy was taken aback by the question, mostly because he was still sleepy.

He thought like Alya. I was originally planning to do Confession Rehearsal but someone already did that so I did this one. 'This is it.' "Chat? "Whatever, kitty-cat, you can stay for a little while." He was forever thankful that Marinette was starting to be more comfortable around him, even allowing herself to be silly.

Pretty normal since he's a human too —"Marinette abruptly grabs both of Alya's shoulders, startling the brown haired girl. She continues to walk out of the classroom when she spots Alya walking with Nino in the hallway a few meters away from where she is standing. "God, Plagg, I'm so sorry!"

", "Mmm, what would be good?" "I told you! Marinette was the first one to notice. It's rude to laugh at someone who got injured!" She forgot. "It's all because Chloe interrupted.". Spin around till death?". The only thing in Adrien's mind in that moment was "What?". Time seems to pace 100 times faster for both Marinette and Adrien after it was five minutes before the bell will ring, Marinette excuses herself by telling a lie that she had to use the washroom. Chat whined, curling against her desperately.

He asked a young man where the akuma was, and he told him it was in the park. The boy walked towards the door, but he stopped to say "I'm sure she will". He wasn't jealous, he was just tired of it! he pouted. "Well, I was free to choose whatever I wanted to eat for dinner, and I thought that maybe some pastries would do" he felt Plagg snort and muttering something into his chest, so he simply gave a small slap to the place the kwami was in. I shouldn't let my emotion take over."

Marinette thought as she stares at the ground. Marinette wipes the blood from her nose, standing there while her hands ball into fists. "I'm the best ballerina in Paris!" A delicious smell hit Adrien, and he felt really hungry. "What are you waiting for, Adrien?

RIGHT? ", Being smaller than him, she glanced up to see his reaction. "Well, see you tomorrow at school!" ", "Everyone always says that!"

Love you all! Adrien in the other hand, took a little to notice, but he remembered seeing the box on the background of the Dupain's bakery, and the girl's face just confirmed his thoughts. He does have someone he likes, but he can't possibly tell him that it's Ladybug – one of Paris' well-known superhero. She was talking to Howdy.

Adrien nodded, explaining their project. "So, you might be wondering why i asked you to come" she said, putting her hands on her hips. The girl blushed when she realized that she was rambling. Knowing one person's name wouldn't be hard.". You don't want Chat Noir to deal with you if you get possessed by an akuma – Ladybug will not appear to purify it… it's the worst case scenario – I don't even want to imagine." He seemed to be a lot like him.

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