#3 NO EASY ROUNDS Once achieved, the mount and the back take are the ultimate displays of dominance in a grappling match (obviously behind the submission). So, instead of being lost as to what is happening come September 18th, let’s brush up a bit on the rules an ADCC tournament format. Check Line-Ups Here. While EBI was dominated by the heel-hook, the ADCC’s finishing position of choice was the RNC from the back control (exception to 1 heel-hook and a flying armbar). Still, the rules can sometimes be confusing to people, particularly as there’s no other promotion that uses the same format. Much of the ADCC star power, to this day, is reliant on invitations, and those invitations are often based on who is friends with the event’s promoter.

But which is the hardest? Your email address will not be published.

/* ]]> */ That is the maximum bouts a champion will have to go through during the 2-day tournament. When it comes to points, the ADCC is the perfect blend between a point tournament and a submission only one. Both offer great set-ups to finish and are among the hardest positions to achieve in jiu jitsu.

Tournaments such as Grappling Pro Championship with its “out of bounds” rule would favor a stronger stand-up element as would the ADCC with it’s negative points for guard pulling. Check Line-Ups Here. Almost micro-battles for grip dominance. However, a takedown or sweep that gets a competitor past the guard is worth 4 points. In terms of points, the structure of the ADCC is also a bit different from what we’re used to in Gi Jiu-Jitsu tournaments. – Invitational t.charset="utf-8";t.async=!0;t.defer=!0; That was the takedown game. – Winner decided by submission or overtime round sub/fastest escape, GRAPPLING PRO CHAMPIONSHIP WELTERWEIGHT
This clear objective could be seen not only as a result of the rules, but also a result of the style of athlete chosen for the competition, given that EBI has entertainment in its focus as much as submissions. In fact, it is also much more fun to be a part of, as there is constant activity and submission hunting throughout. t.src=c+"//front.optimonk.com/public/"+a+"/js/preload.js";r.appendChild(t); – 8 athletes: 2 IBJJF world no-gi champions, 1 EBI champion, ADCC and MMA veterans. The holy grail of jiu jitsu is clearly dominated by EBI rules, who have the best match > submission ratio* of all 4 tournaments. – 3x 5 minute rounds, points or subs (last match 5x 5minute rounds) Another Interesting element was that none of the points tournaments saw the much discussed double guard pull, a common manoeuvre in the lower weight classes, but rarely seen at middleweight. Yet another interesting battle front, the epic war of attrition between the guard player and the guard passer. A subject in which most jiu jitsu academies will spend the majority of their drilling and technical time on. There’s no shortage of different rulesets nowadays, that’s for sure.

All three points based tournaments interestingly showed a balanced exchange between takedowns and guard pulls, spreading the same percentages of guard pulls and throws across the board, i.e. ADCC weight Classes. jQuery("head").append(s); To have an idea of how deep the talent pool of say, the IBJJF Roosterweights this year, there are 16 black belt world titles on the line, and plenty of Pans and brown belt world titles too. It is the same with the finals, only the rounds last 10 minutes each. – 79kg weigh-in before entering the mat – 10 minute matches (5 mins sub only + 5 minute points or sub) /*
– Winner decided by points or sub, EBI 8 TOURNAMENT MIDDLEWEIGHTS Abu Dhabi Combat Club is the largest submission fighting organization in the world. That mans the only way to win is by submission.

A takedown or a sweep that ends in the closed guard or half guard bring 2 points each. The weight divisions are -66kg, -77 kg, -88 kg, -99 kg and +99 kg, for the males. Original of cover photo by Blanca Marisa Garcia. All the different aspects of jiu jitsu are fascinating in their own way, and September 2016 was a perfect month to try and discern each rule-set and the end result provided by those. Without further ado: #1. Ibjjf vs adcc. }); The rise of submission only tournaments, and particularly No-Gi sub only ones has definitely changed that.

– Open tournament (function(e,a){ Which one would you deem the hardest? The ADCC USA Open goes down Saturday in Coral Springs, Florida. #5 SUPERIOR FEMALE DIVISIONS When we first started going through each match of each tournament, one element stood out when comparing the points variables vs the submission only context of jiu jitsu. If there’s no clear winner at the end, a judge will decide the outcome. jQuery.post('https://www.bjjheroes.com?ga_action=googleanalytics_get_script', {action: 'googleanalytics_get_script'}, function(response) { One of the cool things about the ADCC is its “fantasy league” approach, and although it makes for great entertainment, we do see a few mismatches weight-wise, which, once again contribute to tougher matches. The organizer of the prestigious ADCC World Submission Fighting Championships. These different rhythms proposed by each competitive environment show how valuable to our sport competitors such as Gary Tonon, DJ Jackson, Gabriel “Palito” Rollo, Lucas “Hulk” Barbosa and a handful of others are. – 83kg weight-in day of the event var s = document.createElement("script");

Aside from the fact that the ADCC has a wider variety of stylists on its brackets and its ruleset, the two tournaments are not, in our opinion, on a level playing field. The 16 man brackets are decided by way of invitation and by way of trials. What is also hugely important are the overtime rounds. After the halfway point though, points come into play and can decide a match.

jr jr, Sep 14, 2013 #1. NO FREE RIDES The top position relinquished for a chance to attack a foot, or get into a leg entanglement, this being the real contest throughout the Eddie Bravo Invitational 8. Before the EBI format, ADCC rules were the only ones that allowed for overtime rounds. EBI actually borrowed more than just the submissions rules from the ADCC, including overtime rounds in its concept. THE CHOSEN TOURNAMENTS for the case study were the following: 2015 IBJJF NO-GI WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP MIDDLEWEIGHTS

As the No-Gi BJJ Olympics come nearer, though, we can explore one more aspect that we’ve never touched upon before. /* ]]> */, ADCC, EBI, IBJJF, GPC: How Rules Change Jiu Jitsu. For those that are already well versed in the competition, there’s nothing new to learn. [CDATA[ */ tag.... I think there is a space for both. – Winner decided by points or sub, 2015 ADCC FINALS LIGHTWEIGHTS The 16 man brackets are decided b… – 10 minute matches #4 MORE ADEQUATE WEIGHT CLASSES The grappler who won the absolute male division last time around doesn’t get to compete in the tournament. Both the Abu Dhabi Combat Club (ADCC) and the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation (IBJJF) World Championships hold claims as to which is the most prestigious submission grappling tournament in the sport. What is unique about the ADCC rules is that during the first half of a match, (5 in the qualifiers, 10 minutes in the finals) there are no points.

jQuery(document).ready(function () { jQuery.post('https://www.bjjheroes.com?ga_action=googleanalytics_get_script', {action: 'googleanalytics_get_script'}, function(response) { There was a time when you could argue with a referee during your match …

– Trials winners and invited athletes

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