It doesn’t matter how small or trivial your invention is as long as it follows rule #1. By the time he was 20, he was worth $24 million. 19. Don Gayhardt – Curo Financial Technnologies Corp. However, its main aim was to capture and celebrate every girl’s personality. 14. A number of times, people have complained about her attire and her fakeness (fake nose, fake boobs, fake hair, and fake lips). His other client was Morrisons and Tesco in Ireland. He was in charge of computer acquisition, training, setup, and troubleshooting. 25. By 18, he was worth $20 million and counting. Wegrzyn has previously been asked how he managed to be successful in this field, and his answer was constant dedication and research. The human mind and soul need music to cure all its woes…, If you think that human life is a miracle, you need to watch out for other natural happenings…, There is no dearth of Sci-fi movies in Hollywood and almost every one of them shows futuristic devices.…, 9 Teenagers Who Became Rich For Ridiculous Reasons. At 19, the British techie was making $10 million every single year with no sign of slowing down. He started with penny stocks and was worth more than $1.5 million by his 21st birthday. The one thing that we can learn from these teens is that there is no minimum age for wealth. Bregoli has even been featured in Kodak Black’s music video, titled “Everything 1K,” where she can be seen flaunting cash unapologetically. The site reportedly earned him $300,000 – 400,000 per month, and before he even graduated high school, he had amassed a net worth totaling an estimated $1 million. This is what drove him into starting his own YouTube channel named "CaptainSparklez," which became a huge success and changed into his nickname. Maddie had made her first million by the time she was 13 years. He started developing at age 8. Many of them simply had a fantastic idea and then just worked their butts off to make it reality. At 15, he started CoolTronics, a concierge for technology. She was very rude to everyone on the show but somehow, the teenagers started liking her rude behavior. She took some coke bottle caps her uncle gave her, decorated them, and put magnets on them. He was feeling pressured to get a job by his parents, but he didn't want to do the usual teen gig. Laser Hair Removal is to Continue Major Growth in Global Value, Keep Yourself Updated with This 25 Teen Texting Vocabulary, The Richest Investors in the World and Their Net Worth, Bizarre Foods and Beverages in Disney world, 10 Hardest Instruments to Play in the World of Music, 13 Bizarre Natural Things That Are Beyond Imagination Of Humans, Inventions That We Found In Sci-Fi Movies That Can Become Reality. Soon he realized he could charge for this service. She earned top spots on lists by Ernst & Young and several other accolades. When a major U.K. supermarket asked to stock his products, he took out a $9,000 loan and became a millionaire. 3. However, their entrepreneurial spirit was sparked as young children watching their father work at IBM and Google. The new brand had different themes, from fairy tales to music stars. Taaffe was impressed with his services and offered him an internship, which became a full-time job in only two weeks. He has a charitable project called SuperJam Tea Parties. In fact, his dad, who was also a poker player, had been encouraging him to take chances in life. 4. When his teachers told him that he’d never be successful due to his dyslexia, Dunlop dropped out. He may be New Zealand’s Wolf of Wall Street. It got so popular that her name spread like wildfire and she got an offer from Walmart to disturb the containers. In many situations, they created something when what they wanted wasn’t available, or they improved on a current product that was no longer meeting their needs. Today, Johnson spends most of his time lecturing about entrepreneurship. Her father turned it into a container design. But he mostly does not like expensive items when compared to most poker players. 39. Create a free website or blog at 9. and oil. He then lies to people that he makes thousands of sales per week when asked where all his money comes from.

He spends countless hours researching domains and talking to potential buyers. In 2011, it merged with Quepasa in a $100 million deal with $18 million in cash and the rest in stock. 7. He got into it as his parents were pressuring him to get a job. Then again, she became a part of Teen Mom show. In 2004, Qualls started a site called Ever since the marriage, the couple has experienced ups and downs and have been severely criticized for the controversial matrimony. If you have come up with something unique than you owe it to yourself to explore whether their is a demand and a marketplace for selling your invention. 21.

He did his research and bought the Lamborghini Gallardo Spider in 2012 because he was satisfied the car would not depreciate substantially.

Maddie even published a book titled You Can Start a Business, Too, because she was getting so many emails from girls who wanted to start their businesses. It was back in 1993 when Abbey Fleck – only eight years old – became famous for the “Makin’ Bacon” tool. In 2007, he approached a reputable supermarket chain in the United Kingdom who agreed to stock his products in all their 184 stores. He scored a deal with MTV to provide products for reality shows, and then used his connection to team up with Young Jeezy for a fashion line. 28.

By 2017, it was rumored that she is worth $5 Million though the figure is disputed. Otherwise, she continues to excel as a professional brat. The problem was, he didn't know how to code. Scoring a $100,000 investment, this tiny and newly minted (in 2014) millionaire slings a paint-on bandage designed for kids--of course.

James Murray Wells: When the young college student in Britain realized there wasn't an online e-tailer for eyeglasses, he quickly filled that need.

11. For some people, that first million happens early in life. Elise MacMillan: She had teamed up with her grandmother to make candy ever since she was a toddler. Today, she has over ten million followers on Instagram. The total cost to produce the app was $1,200 (from his parents) for a new MacBook and software licenses. When they first presented the idea to K-mart and Walmart, they were rejected, but they managed to strike a deal with the Armour Bacon company. His love for sneakers started at a young age, and that is what inspired him to get into the reselling business. Somehow, it worked! She has also had several costly plastic surgery procedures because she has the cash. These teens are living proof. Your email address will not be published. He started at 17, with some of his best deals going for six figures.

The aim of the show was to get an inside look at the lives of several teen moms and how they handled the stresses and pressures of motherhood. She began selling merchandise on a Shopify site, but things did not go well when she was accused of copying logos. Her Miss O & Friends company is now worth an estimated $15 million, though Brindak gets most of her revenue from ads. Had little Abbey kept her invention all to herself, her family would have great bacon, but a middle-class income. When Kiowa Kavowit was four years old, she came up with the idea for Boo Boo Goo – a paint on bandaid. Fleck became a multi-millionaire from her invention. For security reasons, this 19-year-old New Zealand teen is only referred to as Aaron. She may probably be the richest teen mom in the history of teenage mothers. 31. This Friday’s edition of “Weird Business Ideas” is an oldie, but a goodie. Today he's worth around $10 million, but he made his first at 19. Abbey’s invention was finally welcomed by Walmart, and this is how Abbey got on the path to millions.

So he bought a few books on coding, read them, and produced over 4,000 individual lines of code to produce the game Bubble Ball. He would just buy a good enough domain name and reach out to real estate owners and convince them to buy it. Hey There! Adam Horowitz: When he was just 15, Horowitz challenged himself to make his first million by his 21st birthday. But what made the invention more remarkable was the fact that Abbey was only 8 years old when she came up with the idea. Sometimes, he’ll hoard shoes until they can fetch a high profit before selling them. Disney is a fun as well as weird place to be in.

It's never too late--or early--to chase your dreams. He regularly donates his proceeds to support foster care organizations. 12. Strangely, some of them have acquired wealth through the most ridiculous ways known to man. He had begun this company as a hobby and hired a few friends as employees.

By 2009, he added Asda Walmart to his list of clients and sales hit $1.2 million. When she was unable to find locker decorations that she liked, Bradshaw designed her own with the help of her mom and sister. He spends hours recording himself playing, and it is alleged that his YouTube channel is worth an estimated $16 million. She took some of her pieces to a local toy store, and they were sold out in less than two hours. The builder of the Flashcards+ app, Zwick eventually dropped out of Harvard to study under PayPal's founder. CoolTronics works with the client on-site to rid them of viruses, set up a network, install new software, etc., while charging an hourly rate. The site has not been ubiquitous outside North America, and its founders thought of changing the name to MeetMe. She was broadcast in the popular show 16 and Pregnant. At only age 15, Gary Martin was asked by a relative to run a bar and nightclub. The company was called m3 designs. By the time he was 11, he had already pocketed thousands of dollars from “Cheers And Tears,” which was his line of greeting cards. While his blogs aren't flawless grammatically, his business advice is spot on.

Clients call CoolTronics and describe their technology needs. The move was so successful that he dropped out of a chemical-engineering degree to focus on streaming games. She had been working closely with her sister, Margo, who was the vice-president. Another web developer, D’Aloisio made headlines when he developed an app that Yahoo valued at nearly $30 million. At only the age of 14, Doherty began using his grandmother’s recipe to make a homemade jam.

5 Abbey Fleck - A Stroke Of Genius While Makin' Bacon. Most of them have earned hundreds of dollars even before attaining the legal drinking age. 10. Not bad for someone who just learned how to drive a car! 6. Today, she travels the world and has invested in several real estate properties around Los Angeles, Austin, and Texas. Photo via Ирина Александрова /Wikimedia Commons. Today, he is only 23 years old, and there are reports that he has bought a hilltop mansion for $4.575 million. Scott and Stacey Ferreira: The brother-sister duo launched when Scott was in college and Stacey was still in high school. By the time he was 15, he was a millionaire, and he has since entered into a partnership with Viza that has earned him a net worth of $10 million. Benjamin claims he’s made almost a million dollars so far from sneakers. John Magennis: Starting a Web design business at 14, Magennis is totally self-taught. He earned $2 million in those two weeks. It got so popular that her name spread like wildfire and she got an offer from Walmart to disturb the containers. 40.

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His YouTube Channel had a total of 9.8 million subscribers by early 2017, and he has already accumulated more than 2.6 billion views since he published his first video in 2010. The site generates more than 10 million monthly visits and is worth $15 million.

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