into the deer woods, and I pine for what could have been. Wie sich die .358 Winchester mit der 9,3x62 verglichen schlägt, kann man in der nebenstehenden Tabelle rechts sehen. A soft bullet with large frontal area expansion will not - which is also true for the .375 H&H, or .416 Rigby, etc. There isn't really a great deal to say about it. In Verbindung mit selektierten NC-Pulvern können handliche Repetierer mit sehr kurzen Läufen eingesetzt werden. in verschiedenen Geschossgewichten u.a. There have been many others, such as the .35-30 Maynard (both in the 1865 and the 1882 versions) and .35-40 Maynard. This will provide a MPBR of around 255 yards, which is comparable to the .308 with a 150 or 165 grain bullet. (.357 Mag., .35 Remington, .356 Winchester, .358 Winchester, .35 Whelen, .350 Rem. In other words, what advantage do we gain from the extra weight, barrel length, recoil, and muzzle blast of a magnum over our little .358? These are the exact top loads as found in Noslers 5th edition manual for the 358 Win and the 35 Whelen. It's when you step up to a 220 grainer that the 30-06 has a notable advantage. LeistungsdatenDie .358 Win. Alaska Outdoors In fact, the .358 fits neatly between the standard .30 calibers and the grand old .45-70 and offers the best of both worlds. neither cartridge is sufficient for heavy, dangerous animals and there is no edification value in telling how well a .458 WM or .45-70 or .375 H&H or .35 Whelen kills impala or zebra while a 7x57 does exactly the same. This is timely...I was just drooling all over a gorgeous Remington I found for sale for about $500-$600 in .35 Whelen and wondering what the ballistics looked like and if ammo was readily available. All we do know for sure is that it was either Howe or Whelen, or both, who necked the .30-’06 Sprg. the same username and password for all areas. As far as I am aware, Winchester has been the only major ammunition factory to load .358 cartridges. The .358 has 24 percent more energy at the muzzle than the .300 Win. Or, you could choose to have an existing rifle rebarreled to .358 Win. Finally, let's look at bullet weights for the largest North American game. and .35 Rem., it was an excellent woods rifle for hunting whitetails. was simply a .308 Win. These are the standard low pressure loads. most folks use a 30 caliber in the 180 grain bullet range up here. This new model featured two new cartridges, the .350 Rem. .35 caliber rifle cartridges have been around practically forever without ever really becoming popular. Nosler offers the .350 Rem. The 308 is a great round. .45-70 Government, 405 grain bullet at 1330 fps. Winchester still offers ammunition, but the guns are history. I stated that my BLR can handle most any situation inside of 200yds with the correct bullets and the conversation heated up after that. That is quite a few cartridges considering that there is not a single best selling rifle cartridge in the bunch. To post to our forums, please register. With this range of bullet weights one can load for anything from pronghorn to elk and moose. plowed fresh ground. All rights reserved. Mit optimierten Laborierungen ist die Patrone für den Einsatz im Wald und an der Kirrung bestens geeignet. advantage over the low pressure .45-70 loads, and a 500 ft. lb. Die Laborierung erbringt aus der .358 Win. .300 Winchester Magnum, 150 grain bullet at 3290 fps Remington currently lists a Model 7 rifle with a 20-inch barrel; today’s version of the 600 in .350 Rem. Hmmm.... "I do not deal in hypotheticals. This is in sharp contrast to the overwhelming success of the .357/9mm handgun cartridges, whose popularity dates right to the beginning of the self-contained cartridge era. .358 Winchester, 180 grain bullet at 2700 - 2800 fps.358 Winchester, 200 grain bullet at 2500 - 2600 fps.358 Winchester, 225 grain bullet at 2400 - 2500 fps.358 Winchester, 250 grain bullet at 2200 - 2300 fps. The fact that the .358 also combines these desirable traits should make us stop and think. Compare the Queen of the .35's, the .350 Remington Magnum--the original short (.308 length) magnum cartridge--with the new generation of short action magnums. and is probably a better deer and black bear cartridge at “woods ranges” than the more popular .30-30 Win. It is capable of driving a. The .358 runs anywhere from 100 to 300 fps behind the velocities of the .308 Winchester, approximately 600 fps behind the .300 Winchester Magnum and 250 to 350 fps behind the .338 Winchester Magnum. About 50 yards advantage in maximum point blank range with the .300 magnum. I believe it is an outstanding blend of bore size, killing power, reasonable trajectory and moderate recoil that can be had in a compact all-around rifle for North American hunting. 308 Win vs 30-06 & 358 Win vs 35 Whelen 03-03-2010, 23:00. Fusion Ammo has a 200-grain with a muzzle velocity of 2800 f.p.s. It has a 600 - 1300 ft. lb. All rights reserved. In fact the very same reasoning is why the .338 Win Mag has never sold here in significant numbers either. The majority of posters on rifle forums can learn from this sober viewpoint that Africa professionals had as was expressed by Taylor. Die kompakte, kurze Bauform der Hülse macht die .358 Winchester zum idealen Kaliber für den Fangschuss- und Nachsucheneinsatz und einem adäquaten Drückjagdkaliber. Mag. Added: Possibly the only way to establish the actual penetration ability into the heavy shoulder of a Cape buffalo by the heaviest monolithic solid from a Whelen is to just go and do it. Keep in mind that the energy advantage of the small bore magnums is due to their high velocity. Ruger briefly chambered the M77 rifle in .35 Whelen. The great mystery to me is why so few seem to agree. I have both a M700 CDL 35 Whelen and a Browning BLR 358W. It is capable of driving a. This standard (.30-06) length magnum cartridge drives a 250 grain bullet at a muzzle velocity (MV) of 2799 fps with 4350 ft. lbs. I am thinking 35 Whelen or 358 Winchester. Recoil alone does not keep a cartridge from becoming popular. If that still does not satisfy you, the.358 Norma and STW are the obvious next choices. It’s often thought that if they had it would have gained popularity over the .338 Win. Praktikabel im Sinne einer optimal umgesetzten Pulverladung sind durchaus noch Lauflängen von 40-42cm Länge einzusetzen, die mit dem richtigen Pulver noch mehr als 98% an Energie umsetzen. Included in that have been a whole bunch of deer, hogs and a bear or two. arbeitet mit einem respektablen Höchstgasdruck von 4050bar, was etwa dem Druck einer .30-06 entspricht. is a shortened.35 Whelen. The Remington Model 673 Guide Rifle was chambered in .350 Rem. The reader may wish to develop this thinking towards a logical conclusion: 1. .338 Winchester Magnum, 200 grain at 2950 fps - 3890 foot pounds muzzle energy They have almost all abandoned the cartridge. and .358 Norma Mag.). It will provide a maximum point blank range of 230 to 260 yards, which would be a long shot for me (and the great majority of hunters) under field conditions. For hunting dangerous game in Africa the 9.3x62 has proved itself to be generally satisfactory. Winchestermunition mit dem ausgezeichneten 225grs Barnes TSX zurückgreifen. The huge mystery about the .358 Winchester is its incredible lack of popularity. All of these are fine hunting cartridges, each capable of providing a quick and humane kill within their range limitations. It simply does the job and does it very well with a minimum of fuss. Let's compare its trajectory with other popular cartridges to see if this criticism is valid. I have used this cartridge on moose with excellent results. If you don't like the BLR or the Ruger M77 you will either need to find your .358 on the used market, order a semi-custom rifle from a company like New Ultra Light Arms, or order a barreled action from a company like the Montana Rifle Company and put it in a stock. In the years since, the .35 Rem. Welcome! This ‘poor man’s .375’ would steadily grow in popularity but for the time being, no major commercial rifle or ammunition manufacturer was willing to adopt this as a mainstream cartridge. If the hunter has the knowledge of the animal's anatomy - as every hunter should have of every animal he plans to kill from small to big - a 286 gr solid bullet from the 9.3x62 at impact velocity of 2,300+ ft/sec at 30-40 yards will penetrate the heavy shoulder bone of buffalo and elephant and kill it. .45-70 Government, 405 grain at 1330 fps - 1591 foot pounds muzzle energy. Hornady has a Superformance load with a 200-grain SP at 2910 f.p.s. A .35 Whelen would be a camp meat rifle with ONLY 275 gr monolithic solids, and would only go out on its own in the hands of a bush-wise hunter, a 100% perfect off-hand shooter who would take care to avoid the very dense vegetation conditions where a surprise encounter with hippo,  buffalo or elephant could happen. The .356 Win. Of course, it took the .338 Winchester Magnum many years to catch on, and it took the .243/6mm cartridges over a half century after the introduction of the 6mm Lee Navy cartridge to gain popular acceptance, so perhaps there is still hope for the .35's. With lighter bullets I'm not sure the bigger case is all that beneficial. Register Why the public abandoned it so quickly is a mystery to me. Remington continues to offer factory ammo, and its 200-grain factory load has a muzzle velocity of 2675 f.p.s., while the 250-grain load’s muzzle velocity is 2400 f.p.s. Mag. How does this compare with the velocities of other cartridges? 6. It has been available for several years with blued metal and walnut stock, and Browning has recently introduced a stainless steel version with a grey laminate stock. je nach Lauflänge und Geschoss zwischen 3800-4300 Joule bei einem ordentlichen Schockwirkungsindex von 280-300. 200-grain bullet to almost 2500 f.p.s. In some Africa countries the .366" is the minimum calibre allowed, using 286 gr solid bullets for buffalo and elephant, and 286 gr soft point bullets for lion. As a "stopper" for use on dangerous game the .358 Norma is clearly superior to the .300 Magnums. However, calling it a "woods cartridge" suggests that it is in the class of the .32 Special or the .35 Remington.

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